Monday, January 5, 2015

She Is Me.

She's hopeful; she seeks possibilities everywhere, clinging on to the riskiest of edges, refusing to let go. She allows herself to get cut by beautiful sharp objects because she overlooks the sharpness and appreciates the beauty.
She rubs rocks to produce diamonds but doesn't discard the ones that refuse to be transformed. Instead, she nurtures them, finding other means of using the smooth, blunt pieces of earth.

Her eyes are always smiling; for every ounce of sadness, she rewards herself with a double shot of joy. Her heart beats for everyone; it pounds the fastest when she sees faces radiating with happiness.
They bite her, ripping apart her soul, holding her hostage in the realms of their promises. She believes and accepts, overcoming every lie and every broken promise. She gives second chances, but doesn't stop at two. Numbers for her are infinite and chances - double infinity.

She forgives, she forgets; her heart is molten, they twist it and crush it but it grows bigger and bigger every time it's touched. It weeps harder than her eyes, trying to wash away all the pain it endures. She runs to those who touch her soul, her body - not so much. Open your arms wide open and she'll give you the world, push her away and watch her fall - one, two, three times till she finally starts building a wall.

You can't force yourself to cross over that wall. It's constructed with bricks of pain, cemented with the shattered pieces of her heart, supported by the dark parts of her soul that finally escaped. But she'll let you in, she'll always let you in. She's naive, she's accepting - she won't shut you out. The wall is a mirage; it's only for her eyes.

She's gentle, she loves deeply but don't expect her to be clingy because she's powerful. She won't cut you, but one day, the wrinkles around her eyes will disappear. She'll continue smiling because adversity will always be her best friend and giving up - her enemy.

She is me.

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