Monday, July 8, 2013

You're Not Who/What You Think You Are.

You might walk around like you own the city and fill the air with the sound of your teeth chattering gloriously about the latest piece of clothing in xyz store and who did what to whom, but that doesn't make you a genius. You might have a shot after shot of some disgusting tasting spirit and fall around the dance floor, shouting(singing) your favourite song, but that doesn't mean you're happy. You might rest your head against a pillow and switch your phone off, wanting to be away from the materialistic world, but that doesn't make you content. You might talk to everyone you know, discussing the latest dirt-filled words about someone who you despise for no reason at all, but that doesn't make you superior to others. Boys might fall at your feet and hold you like they'll never let you go, but thats just usually when they're drunk. You might snap at your friends for all the things they say and then apologize with words dug out of cupcakes and macaroons, but that doesn't make you a good friend. You might be there for your friend 24 x 7, but you also might pull her down just to tower over her, and that definitely doesn't make you loyal. You might walk with you chin up and head held high after a night of disasters, but that doesn't mean you're okay. You might flirt with him and text him all day, but that doesn't mean you love him. You might think you're the most popular girl walking the streets of your city, but that doesn't mean you're loved. You might have a million friends you forgive you for the mistakes you make, but that doesn't mean you're respected. You might think you're perfect with all your self made popularity and attention grabbing tactics, but you're as perfect as the Congress. You might cheat on your girlfriend and flirt around, but that doesn't make you macho, in fact it makes you downright disgusting. You might get a girl pregnant but you might also leave her the next day and that makes you a filthy coward. You might have a thousand friends who follow everything you do, but that might just mean you're intimidating.
You might just feel like this is about you, but then again you might not.

life is quite uncertain, isn't it.