Sunday, March 16, 2014

If tears could build a stairway.

Where did you go
How do I find you again
Whispering your name beneath the blinds of my heart
Or clamoring it as I slowly fall apart?

I can feel you around me
Clasping my hand as I take an awry step
I look around for you, I clutch the air
Blinking away my tears of despair

I look up, I see you shining
Hiding behind the moon, with those teasing eyes
My guardian angel, my guiding light
I miss you every day, every night

He summoned you too fast
Were you even ready to let go?
One last breath, one last laugh
I wish you could've just asked for more

Now when I look back
Into my reservoir of memories I see
The warmth in your eyes, that delightful smile
The tender hugs and your timeless style

All I have left is
The eternal love between you and I
But I'll see you in years to come
And take those walks again, holding your thumb.

Love you always, Nanu.